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We know you are doing your very best to make your classrooms (both virtual and in-person) as safe and effective as possible. We appreciate you for supporting your students' educational, social and emotional needs.
We are here to help!
As a thank you, we are gifting a FREE membership to all Classroom Teachers and School Counselors employed full time by brick and mortar schools for the 2020-2021 school year.
The Free Educator account offers free access to Arts Playschool's SEL Database and Parent Podcasts to Teachers and School Counselors of public schools, private schools, and Head Start programs who are currently employed full time at "brick and mortar" elementary schools and preschools, and is to be used for school-related purposes only.
Your membership may take up to 72 hours to confirm school information.
NOTE: All other uses including Homeschooling, Virtual only and Online only schools,
Parents, Independent Therapists and Counselors require purchase of
monthly or annual account.


To use our Free Educator account remotely for online, distance learning with your classroom, you MAY demonstrate our program activities and show our videos during your “live,” online class meetings. You MAY also legally share our Cultural Craft PDFs with your students.

When using your Free Educator account, you MAY NOT copy, share, or record any content, videos, or links to or from our program, or record yourself using any part of the program. Also, you MAY NOT share your user name and login, or you will be removed from the Free Educator Membership and will not be able to rejoin.


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Children in Yoga Class

Explore just a few amazing ways our mindfulness-based curriculum will help to improve your child's behavior and emotional well-being. It's also a great way to destress as their parent.

Happy Kids with Books

Arts Playschool curriculum was specifically designed for your child. It emphasizes the importance of activating the WHOLE BODY to create new understanding of the traditional learning concepts. This creative approach to learning is research-based and proven to enhance the OVERALL DEVELOPMENT of the child (physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally).

Arts & Crafts

Arts Playschool curriculum encourages your students to gain an understanding of emotions and social skills through self-exploration and interactive learning.


Want to provide access to Social Emotional Learning for your students' and parents' daily lives?
Bring Arts Playschool into the homes of your students' families by joining our school community.
Family Moments


Arts Playschool Kids Videos and Parent Podcasts, gives members access to all the video-based social and emotional learning videos, along with parent support.

Cute Girl in Classroom


Give your teachers, support staff and parents access to Arts Playschool. For pennies a day, your school members can access all the best and latest Social Emotional Learning experience, anytime, anywhere.

Young Professor

Educators & Counselors

Perfect for anyone supporting the mental health of children. Quality video sessions covering topics like managing emotions, interpersonal skills, identifying perspectives, communication skills and more make it the perfect learning tool.